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Five years ago, we helped many students around the world achieve their academic ambition in various disciplines. We in “Abda” have put the students’ wishes in mind, and made them our top priorities. By doing so, we became partners with more than 1,200 universities around the world, allowing our students the chance to get into more than 70,000 language, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in all countries of the world, and assisting international students from all over the Gulf, Arab, and world countries in obtaining university admission to study at the most prestigious international universities. We also offer academic consultancy services for different application stages free of charge.


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In "Abda" we have proven our skills and experience in assisting thousands of students from around the world over 5 years of mutual trust and professionalism in delivering services as required and on time.

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We do not stand out by only providing scholarships or applying to universities; but we also offer you the possibility to choose from over 70,000 language, diploma, bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs worldwide.

قم باختيارنا


At "Abda", we strive to support all students in every way. We provide such support by helping them apply online, choose the right universities, apply to universities, obtain final admission, and/or apply for visa services.

Our Programs

In “Abda”, we are constantly and persistently working on being the best educational counselor and the first website that students or learners seek; to fulfill their dream and help them easily reach their ambition and purpose!

Bachelor Programs

Amazing programs that differ in their terms of admission, requirements, and types of modern and unique

teaching methods, all at the finest universities, reaching more than 1,200 global universities in various disciplines.

Language Programs

If you are a language lover, and want to study it in depth and increase your linguistic knowledge efficiency

we offer you specialized programs in all languages of the world. You can choose from them as you wish, and we will help you get accepted in a short period of time.

Diploma Programs

Your studies will not stop at graduation. With "Abda" services, we offer you a wide range of diploma programs

in various disciplines; To qualify and equip graduates with knowledge skills so they can become competitive in all areas.

Master's Programs

For all postgraduate students, we offer advanced Master's programs at the world's largest universities

You will find specialized and unique majors to each college; in which you will be able to deservingly excel in scientific research.

PhD Programs

Through "Abda", you will be able to support, complement, and even achieve your research objectives. We offer you academic departments

and research centers at various international universities in all disciplines.

Research Postgraduate Programs

We work to offer all the best ways to provide scientific, research and educational services

that contribute to assisting all researchers in advancing scientific research, and motivating them to excel, stand out, and be creative.

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Our Partner Institutions

We are proud in “Abda” to be partners with more than 1200 of the best and most prestigious international universities, which support all different scientific disciplines.

How can we help you?

In “Abda”, we offer you multiple professional services; to ensure that you reach your dream and achieve your goals with ease, these include:

Academic Writing Services

Our team is ready to help you complete your academic papers, provide you with written services for multiple documents, such as the purpose statement of study and the preparation of academic curriculum vitae.

Application At International Universities

We offer you all the university application services, university admission achievement from accredited international universities, all in a short time!

Various Educational Consultations And Answers To Inquiries

We answer all your inquiries regarding all stages of application and university admission worldwide.

Certified Translation Services

Contact us to translate your academic papers with one of the most accurate and professional translation services, with excellent documentation.

Visa Application Service

Our team is always ready to apply for student visas to make the process of getting it very fast and easy.

Post-school services

We are always ready and prepared to provide all the services you will need in the country of study; from providing housing, tourist guidance, and many more.

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